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Pharmacy Growth

Pharmacy Growth

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Easy to Use UI

Easy to Use UI

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On-premises pharmacy software offers multiple type reports to identify daily sales, monthly sales etc.

SMACC pharmacy management system has the same fishmonger accounting system specifications with additional features to meet the needs pharmacies and medicine-like activities and stores.

Movement and sale and purchase and own procurement and management of payments medicine movement and balance and finish as well as financial management aspects dates;

Where the affairs of the Bank and the Fund and checks and daily profit account and the bonus and alternative varieties and damaged items and all accounting operations and this program provides all the accounting features and personnel and inventory available in the famous fishmonger accounting software system also works in a way the FIFo contained First outside the first private calculates the cost of goods and Zbt warehouse operations and end dates powers.

SMACC system consists of pharmacy management of the main sections:

  • Inventory System
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • POS Management
  • Fixed Assets
  • Salaries
  • Cost centers
  • Powers the system and monitoring and control
  • Final Accounts
  • Financial Reporting
  • Inventory reports
  • Print barcodes.


The introduction of vendor names by clicking the Add button and type the vendor name or delegate in the fields of the name in Arabic and English name, can identify a line of credit to the seller a certain percentage of discount, in addition to the possibility of linking the seller a certain depot, and determine the commission rate target and selling.

Sales bill:

To introduce a sales invoice sales invoice is selected from the list of sale and clicking the Add button a message appears (address guaranteed delivery) with the availability of two options Yes / No
If we want to address support an earlier delivery we choose yes, where the call for the introduction of number guaranteed delivery or choose from the list by double-clicking on the box No. delivery support, are copying all the contents of guaranteed delivery to the invoice, and can edit the delivery and determine the method of payment support information, and then save the bill.
But if we want to enter a sales invoice directly linked to any non-delivery of a promissory Vnkhtar answer no
Then the user selects the warehouse sold it, and the name of the seller, and write the invoice number if the number of manual invoice numbering, and then selecting the method of payment, and if the choice of method of payment / order / is determined by the customer’s name and there are two possibilities
Old client and saved in the system is chosen using the search options.
A new client is dealt with for the first time is added by clicking on the key F-2 and F-6.
And writing the client name.
In the box are chosen statement items sold using the search options and determine the quantities and prices and the discount rate, this is for items stored in the card class. When we would like to sell service categories or not stored in the card class is clicked on the button box in the statement field far right and to convert from inventory management back to where it can be writing class or service name and include the invoice, but if we wanted to sell class compound the same way to convert from inventory management to a group and choose the search group that we want to sell them.
We should point out that it can be inserted into the bottom of the Notes product was sold by clicking on the button box in the far left box statement. For example, sequence number, the warranty is a comprehensive tampering, the warranty for one year.
And then can any amounts enter additional fees in the event of a plug or installation fees, and can enter a cash payment of the invoice futures in a cash payment field, then the cursor to move an opponent field where they can discount entry as in the first field, or as a lump in the last field.
Finally, click on the Save button to save the bill

Sales returns:

Enter the sales returns are clicking the Add button and type a number and then return guaranteed in writing the invoice number to be returned varieties of them, or write any number to receive a message that the bill does not exist Do you want to continue shall be yes. In the first case when we write an invoice number exists, it shows all the details of the bill, and is activated product was ment to be return by clicking on the parallel box for the variety and shading previous quantitative and writing quantity returned. And choose Save button to save the process and stored, or if you are writing an invoice number does not exist, the user must specify the warehouse and the customer and the seller and the method of payment and the introduction of items that have been returned. After saving in both cases, and in the case of cash payments method show a message it is selected account relevant to deport the amount of refunds paid.

Proceeds from the sales:

To deal with the proceeds of future sales, payment of support against the bill, this is done through another list, futures sales proceeds, click on the Add button, and type a number support the private capture facility and No. support representative and history, the choice of the customer’s account, enter the amount, determine the method of payment / cash / check and write name of the bank and the check number and date, and the introduction of explaining the process in the statement field and documenting data entrance of the name, and billing field show sales invoices file numbers and the date, and invoice numbers in the balance field appears bills values, the user click on the box in a paid field full invoice amount for repayment or write paid part of the bill in the amount field and enter the discount allowable value in the discount field. Thus, for each invoice, and click on the Save button to store process, the message displays to be the amount paid deportation and the value of the discount to Almokhtsh.ollhsol accounts a report on the proceeds of future sales is done through another list, the proceeds of future sales, the narrative, and then deal with the report options, according to the client the seller or the number or bond for each, during a certain period.


Order purchases:

Via this form you can submit purchase suppliers to request to supply the needs of the items by clicking on the Add button and specify the supplier and warehouse, history and maturity of the order, and in the statement box is select the desired items, quantities and prices, click on the Save button to store the process.

Materials received:

It is via the following form to enter the receipt of goods by suppliers bonds in case delay the arrival of purchases bills, this is done by clicking the Add button, screen appears (the current order to address any processing of purchase order number) to answer yes or no. If we chose the answer is yes you must click on the button box to choose the order number commentator for its implementation, the application data is copied automatically to support you received the items, but if we want to implement support direct receipt without reference to the purchase order we choose to answer no, and therefore must select items and quantities, and click save to store practical option.

Purchase invoices:

To deal with the introduction of procurement bills are clicking the Add button will appear with two options 1 message / address order number 2 / work bill as guaranteed receipt number, where there are parallel dialogs former two options, it if we have to choose one of any of the two options is imperative that we written request or guaranteed No. receipt, bill purchases are copied all the data to where it can be edited and added to it some of the information is determined payment method, and complement the rest of the bill.
If we want to add Purchase invoice directly is click on the Add button and then exit button cursor to move determine the normal method of payment if we choose cash but if we choose to, F2 dialog box appears to enter or choose the name of the resource, if the resource exists is clicked key to add a new supplier, then enter the invoice number F6 for supplier selection from the menu or click on the key and typing the date of the invoice and order number and identification of the store and in the box, the statement using the search methods are chosen varieties Almh see it, and enter quantities and prices, as can enter any expenses pertaining to procurement expenses fields down the bill as an expense shipping and deportation, customs and warn that it can handle the purchases of foreign and local currency prices, as selected by the user and the number of exchange rates in the currency item, and in the end the bill amount can be obtained by the established antagonist acquired from suppliers and then click on a button to insert Remember to store process.

Returns purchases:

To enter Purchases Returns are clicking the Add button and type a number Returns support and history, to identify the store that the goods is returned it, choose the resource account, and determine how the bank in cash / order / purchases return /, and in the statement field are selected items that have been returned and determine the quantities and prices that was returned, and in writing the reason for the return. Thus, for each species and click on the Save button to store the process, and perhaps a message for the selection of the relevant accounts amounts to deport them to appear.

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