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SMACC Business software was developed in DOS version around 28 years ago in order to support the small business people of Saudi Arabia. Upon the great trust by the users of SMACC, it has journeyed throughout Gulf, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Syria and now in India. Within 28 years, SMACC came up with different versions, viz; SMACC Dos, SMACC1,SMACC2,SMACC3, SMACC4, SMACC5, SMACC6 and finally the SMACC Cloud and SMACC WEB(Off line). In India, SMACC will be providing major 5 modules to it’s customers. SMACC has, so far won around 17 awards for it’s excellence and we are so proud to say that SMACC is a part of academic syllabus in major Universities of Saudi Arabia and Sudan. SMACC always foresees the requirements of Tomorrow and the days ahead.

“SMACC” the pioneer accounting software strictly relies on the principles of Trust, Integrity & Simplicity. This user friendly software maintains the Double entry book keeping system of accounting and truly follows “International Financial Reporting Standards”(IFRS).

SMACC is available to it’s Indian customers with full GST options, viz; GST Invoicing, E way billing, GST return filing at a click etc, etc…

SMACC is a Multi-lingual software with 13 major spoken languages in the World and supporting International currencies and Gregorian-Hijri calenders. In India SMACC will be available in the form of SaaS (software as a service) better called as SMACC cloud, SMACC on premises (with web based technology) and SMACC-on-Rent.

SMACC is going to be the first business software in India providing cloud storage to it’s SMACC Cloud users with the world famous “MICROSOFT AZURE”that ensures 99.99% stability and reliability.

It is time for you to join SMACC, because you deserve success in your business.


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